Virginia Fashion Week, 2014


We were so excited to be part of this year’s Virginia Fashion Week. What was even more exciting was being invited by a very special young lady named Lily Goodman.

Lily contacted The Butterfly Project introducing herself as a 9th grader at St. Catherine’s in Richmond Virginia. As well as a child model, she is also an activist for the Model Alliance and Nomi Network. She became aware of the growing problem of human trafficking while on the set shooting for a Homeland Security national ad campaign to raise awareness for the cause. She is the model in the Blue Campaign poster below. She learned from the homeland reps that often traffickers use the modeling industry to lure children into human trafficking. After learning this, she became involved with the Model Alliance to get stricter laws passed to protect child model’s in New York and was eventually asked to be an ambassador with

Lily Blue jpg

The Butterfly Project had a wonderful time sharing its jewelry and the many stories of the girls that we represent in each of our safe house’s. Being able to accessorize the models in our jewelry and experience the sincere compassion that others shared for our project was just another check in my heart that we are doing the work that The Butterfly Project has been called to do.