Going Live TODAY~* Vegas World Supports The Butterfly Project!

Vegas World is a popular online and mobile game. From November 21st through December 19 they will be running a fundraiser among their community of over 1 million players for The Butterfly Project. In the game there is going to be a Butterfly Lucky Charm. Every time someone buys one of these lucky charms they will be making a donation to The Butterfly Project. You can have fun and lend your support to by visiting www.vegasworld.com!
Flow Play, the company that houses Vegas World were just ranked 112th in the country by Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of the top 360 Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America. They have also just announced their latest sports game — Dynasty Football. It’s like Hearthstone but with fantasy football cards. You can read the Venturebeat story here, as well as being the 24th fastest growing company in Seattle! Read what Puget Sound Business Journal has to say here. They are not only generous to The Butterfly Project but U.S. Veterans as well! BraVo Flow Play!