What is human sex trafficking?

In a word: prostitution. Every year 1.2 million children are forced into selling themselves for sex. They are kidnapped or lured into it with lies and promises of a better future. In the United States alone 100,000 children are trafficked every year. They range in age from 9 to 19 and the average age is 11! In the United States, runaways are some of the easiest targets, and the number of children at risk for exploitation is 200,000 each year. They do not want to turn tricks. These children are being raped repeatedly every night. In some countries, some families are so destitute that their children are also easy targets. The families are promised that their children will be well-cared for, that they will be living with nice families and working as maids or in factories. Some families are told their children will be sent to America. What these families don’t realize is that their children are being taken no further than around the corner and put to work in brothels. Some of these children can be as young as 4. The sex trafficking industry is the third largest illegal industry in the world (behind illegal drugs and gun sales) and generates about $9.5 billion each year. (Source: Born2Fly)

Do you rescue the girls?

No. The Butterfly Project leaves that to the professionals and those who, like Diana Scimone of Born2Fly, have been involved in prevention and rescue for a long time. It is a dangerous business and it is best left to the experts.

What is a Safe House?

A safe house is the first stop on the road to recovery. It is a home where the rescued girls and women live and receive the help they so desperately need. This includes therapy, medical care, and basic life skills lessons they may have missed out on, having been sold into a brothel at such an early age.

Where are these Safe Houses?

There are safe houses in countries all over the world. Right now, The Butterfly Project brings you jewelry from safe houses in China, Haiti, and Thailand.

How does The Butterfly Project help?

All of our jewelry is paid for in full before bringing it back to our customers. This ensures the girls who crafted these beautiful pieces will be compensated fairly for their work. The Butterfly Project also donates a portion of its proceeds to Born to Fly International as a way of supporting the incredible prevention and educational programs created by its founder, Diana Scimone. At The Butterfly Project, we have found a way to continue our efforts to support this urgent cause while still bringing beautiful jewelry to our customers at the affordable prices we’ve always offered. 

What can I do to help?

There are a several ways you can help The Butterfly Project reach its goals.

  1. Purchase some of this beautiful jewelry to help these young women in the safe houses support themselves;
  2. Schedule an event to raise awareness;
  3. Start an abolition coalition in your area to educate and eradicate;
  4. Contact Jané Gautier-Shadoin at 772-418-6862;
  5. Spread the word!