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The Butterfly Project implements art and jewelry making classes in to safe houses world wide. These beautiful pieces are made by women and children rescued from and at risk of Sex Trafficking. By buying this jewelry, you are personally restoring hope to exploited women and children.

Something beautiful has come from disaster.

“Purchasing this beautiful jewelry is a powerful way to help these women and girls experience the dignity, hope, and freedom to create something beautiful. It’s a small step that makes a big difference.”

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We value your financial partnership and work diligently to make sure your donations are invested wisely. Thank you for helping us support the lives of survivors and making a difference in seeing the new and beautiful world that awaits them!

A Message from our Founder Jané Gautier Shadoin

Bonjour Mes Chers Amis,

Did you know that every year over a million children are lured or forced into the sex trafficking trade? There are many wonderful organizations dedicated to education and prevention. They also focus on rescuing these children, securing arrests, and shutting down brothels. The Butterfly Project is a non-profit organization along with Born2Fly to help in the healing process of the women and girls who have been rescued.

In many instances, once a girl or woman has lost her virginity, no matter how violently, she is no longer considered of value to her family or community. Being forced into prostitution is a source of shame, and there is nowhere for them to turn. Fortunately, there are safe houses all over the world where these survivors are able to begin the healing process. Some safe houses are devoted to prevention and awareness, providing a safe shelter for young girls who are at high risk for trafficking. In many of these shelters, the survivors are creating beautiful pieces of art and jewelry as a way of helping out with expenses and learning skills. It is also a part of their therapy.

The Butterfly Project brings this beautiful, handmade jewelry straight from the safe houses to you. The money is given directly to the women in the safe houses. These pieces are stunning, giving the wearer an opportunity to talk about the sex trafficking industry and get others involved in the efforts to end it.

Please join us and the countless others who are working to end this horrific crime.



It is the mission of The Butterfly Project to simply be a small way to make a huge difference in the lives of those who have been rescued from the sex trafficking industry.


The Butterfly Project has two goals. The first is to support the girls and young women who have been rescued from sex trafficking, by implementing art and jewelry making classes in to their safe houses and giving them a venue to sell their craft and support themselves while transitioning in to their new lives. The second goal is to bring awareness of sex trafficking into the spotlight and create coalitions of abolitionists all over the world! #stopthemadness


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The Butterfly Project founder, Jané Gautier-Shadoin, travels worldwide speaking out against sex trafficking. She brings awareness to conventions, church groups, women’s organizations, abolition coalitions, and any persons interested in not only fighting the crime and supporting the survivors, but learning the lies of the trafficker, and how they lure these young girls in to slavery.

Jané has lectured and hosted teas and other art museum events showcasing the jewelry made by these beautiful women and will be happy to help you host a event or fundraiser.

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Learn what The Butterfly Project does to support women and girls rescued from the child sex trafficking industry and how you can help.

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The Butterfly Project's Consignment Clothing Boutique is another way to support girls and women rescued from sex trafficking.

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A portion of our proceeds are donated directly to organizations dedicated to the prevention of sex trafficking and to the recovery of those rescued.

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View heartbreaking videos documenting the cruel and inhumane practice of child sex trafficking and its aftermath along with poignant, hope-filled videos of safe houses and the rescued.

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The Butterfly Project relies on the generosity of sponsors and donations. We are grateful for the individuals and organizations who help keep us going. Thank you

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The Butterfly Project has been featured in American Eagle's magazine Latitudes and has also been included in the literature of other companies and writers.

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