Single Brown Pearl Earrings

Dainty and feminine, a single brown freshwater pearl hangs from sterling silver hooks. $20

Lapis Lazuli Diamond Shaped Earrings

Fabulous lapis earrings strung with a single blue glass bead on sterling silver hooks. These semi precious stones have been hand polished and are stunning. Did you know that powered lapis was used as eye-shadow for Cleopatra! It has been prized since antiquity for it’s intense awesome blue color. $40

White or Grey Pearl Cluster Earrings

Beautiful freshwater pearl cluster earrings in a fabulous iridescent grey (white-sold out). They are hand-strung on sterling silver hooks. Part of our Statement Collection, theses beauties do just that, Make the Statement!  $20

Black Agate Earrings

Eye catching agate earrings with a stunning blue natural sheen. They are strung with a single black glass bead on gun metal hooks. Nickel and lead free. Did you know that most agate is formed in volcanic rock and was actually the most common material used in ‘hardstone carving’ back in the day. These are […]

Brown Pearl Hand-knotted Earrings

These beautiful brown freshwater pearl earrings are hand-knotted on traditional Chinese dense thread and strung on sterling silver hooks. Part of The Signature Collection, pair with this fabulous matching bracelet, it will quickly be your ‘go-to’ for your fabulous in seconds look! $20

Red Coral Earrings

Raw and polished Beijing red turquoise pieces are hand-knotted and sit on top of solid coral, finished on sterling silver that result in some of the most fabulous coral earrings ever! $40  

Red Coral on Black String Earrings

So sweet in their simplicity, these little red coral earrings are hand knotted on dense black Chinese thread and strung on sterling silver hooks. From our safe house in Beijing. $20