Silver Tibetan Squares

Silver Tibetan squares with Bali beads dangle from sterling silver hooks. Made by the precious women in our Beijing safe~house. $20

Mother-of-Pearl Waterfall Disk Earrings

These stunning Mother-of-Pearl rose tone disk earrings are polished and hand strung from Beijing. They are light weight and have such a feminine swing when worn. Strung on sterling silver hooks. $20

Silver Fan Earrings with Turquoise Beads

Intricate lace pattern fans in silver and sweet smooth turquoise beads dangle from these beautiful earrings on silver wires. One of our best sellers! $20

Mother-of-Pearl Cluster Earrings

Part of our Forever Collection, these gorgeous mother of pearl cluster earrings are simply fabulous. They have just the right amount of swing and bling to catch the eye of a passing fashionista! Click here for a must have matching original wrap bracelet! Available in brown, ivory and black 20$  

Wood Disk Earrings

Black Beijing natural wood cut disk on brass wires. Hypo allergenic hooks. $20

Blue-Green Ceramic Circle Earrings

These earrings were strung in Beijing and are a nice thick, very light weight ceramic. In blueish green they are paired on nickle free hooks. Another one of my favorites~* So sweet! $20

Turquoise Cluster Earrings

Turquoise pearl cluster earrings strung on sterling silver. $20

Labradorite Stone Earrings

The green and grey hues in our “A” quality polished labradorite stone earrings from Beijing, play off the fascinating blue sheen accented in certain lights. We just received another style earring as well as a beautiful matching wrap bracelet. Magnificent natural semi-precious stone. $20

Wood Hoops w/Brass

From India, these wood hoops have small brass circles embedded in them on both sides. Such a sweet look. I love all things natural! $20

Mother of Pearl Aqua or Peach Oval Disks Earrings

These beautiful Mother of Pearl Oval Disk Earrings are smooth as silk. You instantly want to reach out and touch them. They come in a soft pinky peach and magnificent aqua blue. Strung with a single silver Bali bead and sterling silver hooks. $20 each pair